The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain x Travel Write Draw

Back in June my Ritz-Carlton family invited me to experience one of their crown jewel properties…Dove Mountain for an inspiration trip like no other. I had never been to Tucson before but my previous trip to Sedona Arizona lead me to believe that it would be nothing short of majestic. The Sonoran Desert is a place of healing…but that is really just the start of what the city has to offer.

I was so lucky that my trip to Dove Mountain coincided with grammy nominated cellist Tina Guo’s. I was able to hear her play at sunset in collaboration with the properties flute player and the whole experience genuinely moved me to tears. It felt totally fitting to illustrate the most impactful moments I had on my journey so naturally she was one of them.

If you sleep in or go to bed early you are likely missing the very best of the Sonoran Desert. Their sunsets and sunrises are so dramatic, they look like ink is being splattered across the sky. The Ritz-Carlton film crew and myself got up for 4 am to ensure we didn’t miss this magnificent view.

As I mentioned above, I got to hear the property’s flute player during his collaboration at sunset with Tina Guo. The sound was so melodic it almost puts you in a trance. Nothing like tapping into the subconscious while on holiday.

The team also orchestrated for me to meet with Astronomer Ben Loker to have a visual tour of the universe. Yes you read that correctly ha! It was one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever done. Looking up into the sky to discover stars that are 1,000’s of lightyears away, realizing that we rotate around 1 of a billion galaxies, was nothing short of humbling.

I also discovered on my trip to Dove Mountain that Tucson was named the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in the USA! Which quickly became apparent to me as I ate my way through the destination. I even got to learn how to make prickly pear jellies and monsoon cookies.

I loved this property and my entire experience there so, so much. I think that is pretty apparent in the art I created inspired by the destination. I received a number of DM’s on Instagram about whether it was ideal for families and I can say with absolute certainty that it is a perfect destination for families with young children. There is something for everyone there.

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