Speaking at The Luxury GM Summit in Shanghai with The Ritz-Carlton

I was so honored to be asked to speak on behalf of The Ritz-Carlton at their 2019 Luxury GM Summit in Shanghai this year. The subject of our panel was about the power of influence through storytelling and we delivered our presentation in four sessions to 150 RC General Managers from across the globe.

Having partnered with The Ritz-Carlton a few months prior on the creation of their new wine label artwork, I was able to walk the GM’s through my creative process and the storytelling we did with the brand along the way. From the inspiration trip across California, to the execution of the designs and launch party at Steven Kent Winery, storytelling was always at the forefront of our partnership.

Being able to speak on the panel with two incredible female powerhouses from the brand, Laura Troy and Janet Yungwirth, was so inspiring. Listening to their research findings and the strategy behind their marketing and partnerships was so eye opening for me and reminded me of my days at business school.

I also felt so extraordinarily lucky to be chosen to speak on their behalf and have my work showcased to the gate keepers of the brand experience. It still feels like a dream that TravelWriteDraw became my full-time profession and that it lead me to partner with my favorite hotel brand.

After all the talks concluded, I was asked to paint live during the afterparty at the Bvlgari Hotel, to bring to life our panel discussion from earlier in the day. I wanted to capture the very best of the Shanghai skyline by night: the Bund. Here I am with the General Manager of the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong.

Below is an image of my painting setup and the view I got to paint live from during the afterparty. It was so fun to be able to speak with everyone from earlier in the day and share in this experience with them. I’m so grateful to the Ritz-Carlton for making me apart of this once in a lifetime summit and can’t wait for our next adventure together!

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