NYC Local Guides Podcast with Travel Write Draw

Before I left my apartment March 7th for Chile, and the world took a collective pause, I sat down with the lovely NYC Local Guides Podcast to talk about all things New York: my love at first sight for this city at the age of 14, navigating my career on the island that never sleeps, biggest personal and professional hurdles, advice for someone new wanting to break through, favorite local spots and so much more. It was honestly one of the most enjoyable and effortless podcasts I’ve ever recorded. I had no idea then that I wouldn’t be seeing my home again for the foreseeable future but absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder and so does this episode. If you’d like to have a listen, click on the image above! 10.5 years later, I can say with absolutely certainty, I am a NEW YORKER. I hope you enjoy.

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