My Travel Partnership Prep List

Months ago when I was planning the new content calendar for the launch of, I wanted to make sure that I shared a bit more of my process and the behind the scenes of each project I work on. So much goes into every single collaboration and yet all I ever show on Instagram are the post worthy moments.

Having just gotten back from a whirlwind tour across California for a big partnership with The Ritz-Carlton, I figured now would be a great time to breakdown the steps of preparation I take in order to get on that plane and travel, film, draw for 7 days straight! So here it goes:

Step 1: When I’m first approached with a travel project brief, I do a happy dance/squeal and call my familia. That isn’t exactly mandatory but it is often times completely unavoidable because these are my favorite types of partnerships to collaborate on! Then I work with the client over several phone calls and emails to settle on the deliverables, budget, timelines, and dates of travel. Once that is established, we move onto Step 2: the flow of the trip.

Step 2: I may be required to work on illustrations at this stage before we leave. But that is only the case if they are part of the event I’m traveling for (like the opening party at Renaissance Dubai this past December). Most often, like my trip last week, we go straight to discussing the actual day-to-day itinerary of the trip since the deliverables will be created during and after the travel occurs.

Step 3: From there comes all the bells and whistles to ensure that I’m camera ready for the day of departure. We are talking hair cut and color appointment, manicure and pedicure, eyebrows dyed and waxed, and then a cross city marathon to pick-up pieces to wear during the trip itself.

Here I am above, drowning in what felt like 5,000 different outfit options at Zara, trying to find pieces to take with me to California. From there I picked up 15 pairs of nude thongs and a pair of classic white Superga sneakers. My neutral undergarments and accessories are EVERYTHING when it comes to travel. I can match them with every look and get away with packing just a carry-on for a week long trip.

The thing about social and filming campaigns is that I not only have to be aware of how my art looks, but how I look in the environment too. Take this photo above for example: How different would it feel if I wasn’t wearing a dress that mirrored the Palenqueras?! The outfits I wear are part of me bringing the viewer in. As silly as that may seem, these little things can make a BIG difference in capturing a memorable moment during a TWD adventure.

Step 4: Step 4 is always a mad-dash to tighten up loose ends with other clients, clean-up existing projects, my apartment, laundry, pay any outstanding bills, and my least favorite activity of all: PACKING. I usually go through each day from morning to night, rolling up exactly what I will wear for every scene, so I know I’m not forgetting anything. Then I sort through my art supplies and narrow down the paints to colors which feel appropriate for the destination. I also typically have to make a last minute run to Walgreens to get all my toiletry essentials like toothpaste, make-up remover, Advil, etc. I basically travel with a tiny pharmacy at all times.

Step 5: Lastly, and only if I’m lucky, I might manage to squeeze in a custom post to Instagram and on here to announce the adventure. I always love building the anticipation for a new destination or project and asking my TWD family for recommendations. But mostly my biggest concern at Step 5 is making sure I wake up when my alarm goes off, that I don’t forget anything I need at home, and that I definitely, never, ever miss my flight!!

Let me know if there is something I didn’t cover here as I would love for this to be an insightful piece for you to learn from. And now back to working on the deliverables from California. Stay tuned.

Much love,
Meag xx

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