Join the Fourth Stop on the TWD Paint Challenge This Saturday, May 23

My loves, since we already have our swimsuits and sunblock packed from our last stop on the TWD Paint Challenge, it only makes sense to keep chasing the SUN!! Mark your calendars yet again for this Saturday May 23 @ 1 PM EST on IG LIVE where we will paint from our fourth and most fabulously vibrant second last stop: CARTAGENA!!

Last weekend, you once again rocked the challenge, painting your first fashion figure of the series. We also had the highest number of submissions thus far!! This week we are going to continue progressing our figure drawing skills with not 1 but 3 figures in different scales!! I would also like to preface this post again by stating: this challenge is NOT about painting me but rather painting your own unique figure.

We will be painting from this image above photographed by my dear friend, the incredibly talented Laredo Montoneri, who joined me on this inspiring journey to Colombia. For the purpose of avoiding copyright issues or needing a signed model release, I felt it was the safest route to continue illustrating from my own personal travel photos.

Supplies for Saturday:

  1. Watercolor paper, white multipurpose sketch pad, or computer paper.
  2. 1/2 inch angle brush, size 5 or 8 round brush, and size 0 round for details.
  3. Primary set of watercolors, gouaches, or acrylics.
  4. Colored pencils.
  5. Ruler and eraser.

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration to get you in the Cartagena state of mind, you can check out both my City Guide and Visual Diary. You can also check out a film or two from the list below before we meet.

“Cartagena” Movies to Inspire:

  1. Cartagena (L’Homme de chevet)
  2. Gemini Man (this film was actually being shot while we were there!!)

See you all on IG Live this Saturday May 23 @ 1 PM EST!! Our fifth and final stop will be HERE!!

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