The Art of the Mix with Cointreau

This past Wednesday I teamed up with Cointreau and LaForce to hand paint their iconic glass bottles with an orange and margarita motif for their “The Art of the Mix” event. It was hosted by my fellow Canadian, and all around SWEETHEART, Mr. Antoni Porowski of Netflix Queer Eye.

We had the opportunity to meet earlier on in the night and chat about living in Montreal (we are Concordia and McGill alumni respectively). On the low he mentioned to me that he had friends coming to the party who loved arts and crafts but he neglected to mention those friends were: Gigi Hadid, Tan France, and Jonathan Van Ness!!

So here are some photos of what transpired that night. It was such a wonderfully surreal and serendipitous event. I honestly want to be friends with all of them haha.

It was so refreshing to meet people who are operating at the pinnacle of fame and success, who are so very humble and gracious.

This is me ask to join their squad haha! I kid, I kid. What an amazing experience. Thank you once again to Cointreau and LaForce for having me and to the amazing Antoni who made me feel right at home amongst his friends.

All Photos by Spencer Cotton

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