Slide On

One of the greatest parts about getting older is becoming increasingly sure of yourself and your likes and dislikes. I feel more confident in my decisions and my personal style than I ever have. I feel more comfortable taking risks, wearing more color, and mixing more prints and textures. I also love embracing things that feel decidedly “me”. 

Slides have become one of these things. And by that I mean the ones you can slip on and off your feet with ease. If it wasn’t so darn cold for 6 months of the year in NYC, I would honestly wear them 365 days of the year, ha! I also swear by them when it comes to traveling – going through security and getting up and down on long haul flights.

The pair I illustrated above are my favorite, dream, Alberta Ferretti slides. I have yet to bite the bullet, so to speak, and purchase them. I still can’t wrap my head around spending $1,000 USD on seasonal slides, but figured illustrating them was a close second. What are some of your favorite style pieces you swear by?

Much love,
Meag xx

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