My Illustration for Lancôme’s Holiday 2022 Card

Loves!! I’m over the MOON to finally share the Lancôme Holiday 2022 card design I worked on this past Summer!! Inspired by Lancôme’s new estate in the perfume capital of the world, Grasse, France, and our muse, “Emily in Paris”. The team wanted something that felt hopeful, uplifting, and quintessentially French, while also drawing attention to “Domaine de la Rose”.

Lancôme is contributing to the preservation and protection of perfume plants in Grasse (a UNESCO cultural heritage site), pursuing the farming of a variety of species of roses and other fragrance flowers, in a sustainable and organic way. At the time when I drew this image, the Domaine wasn’t yet built. I can’t describe the honor I feel to have been chosen to render this work of art. Thank you to the INCREDIBLE Jenia and Kelly at Lancôme here in New York for trusting me with your vision.

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