Michael Kors Handbag Customization Event

This week has been so busy with a number of Mother’s Day activations in the city. I love getting creative with customers and selecting the perfect motif to paint on their new purchase. Last week when I was customizing for Michael Kors, one of the incredibly sweet customers informed me that her son was diagnosed with autism last year. He went through a really hard time at school being bullied for being perceived as different. My heart broke for her and her family. That is never an easy thing to go through.

She went on to explain that through the right therapy and treatment, he came out of his shell and has become so well liked at school. He has so many friends now, his mom has a hard time getting him off the phone. She explained how much he loves the song Lighting Crashes. It makes him calm when he listens to it. So we decided jointly to paint a little silver lightning bolt on her new iPhone case in honor of her son’s strength. It’s amazing how quickly we can connect person to person, when we open our hearts and ears to listen.

Thank you for the honor, team MK!

Much love,
Meag xx

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