Louis Vuitton Customizations

This past March I was contacted by Louis Vuitton in New York. They were writing to see if I would be interested in painting on their packaging during some live animations. First I had to create a sample in order to be approved. Once the corporate team saw it, they not only approved me, but it was the first time in history that they allowed for an artist to paint on their packaging at live events! I later found out that my shoebox sample you see above, was sent to every artist as the sample to replicate for their Mother’s Day activations across the country.

I also had the pleasure of drawing LV customer shoe purchases as a gift with purchase during the opening of the new shoe salon at Bloomingdales this past April. I have always loved Louis Vuitton, especially since they are a luxury brand that creates right at the intersection of fashion and travel. The perfect brand alignment.

Much love,
Meag xx

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