Get it Shawty! Why I’m Loving Short Hair this Spring

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair short for a while now, but after almost 2 years of battling telogen effluvium, I was pretty attached to any and ALL hair on my head. Then things changed. After launching the site at the end of April, and swiftly heading to Cartagena, I came back feeling anew and wanting hair that matched my internal sense of refresh. So last week I strolled into my favorite hair salon in Soho and asked for a collarbone kissing lob, just like Kendall’s! No holding back!

You’ll have to forgive me because the only photo(s) I have thus far since cutting my hair are snapchat selfies, ha! But I think you get the gist of the new cut from the photo up top. And now that I’ve cut the first 4 inches off, I can’t help but want to keep going! It’s sort of like dipping your toe into a chilly pool. Once you get the initial shock over with, you want to keep swimming further into the deep-end, or should I say short-end?! I’m hoping that metaphor translates correctly…

Some of my favorite short haircuts that I’ve been screen-grabbing obsessively are:

And here’s a little mood-board so you can see exactly why:

Have any of you been contemplating going short? Any cool cuts I should take note of? I just think there is something so fun and playful about a chin length bob or lob. It makes every outfit and accessory feel new again.

Much love,
Meag xx

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