Fashion Illustration Gallery Auction 9 “Room with a View”

At a time like today, I find my mind wandering to memories of past travels and amazing experiences shared with loved ones across the globe. Nothing lifts my spirits more than painting from these moments and escaping into my imagination. That is why I’m so excited to share that I have 4 new original paintings available NOW in Fashion Illustration Gallery’s Auction 9 “Room with a View” inspired by some of my favorite adventures around the world. My hope is that you might find some joy and relief in these works too while cherishing them in your home.

My first piece “From Croatia with Love” is inspired by my trip to Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik, a few summers ago. I can remember looking through this stone window out onto the sparkling mediterranean and feeling the summer heat on my skin. Click here to bid.

My second piece available for auction titled “Take Me to Capri” was inspired by my holiday there in 2018. I love these bright, voluminous umbrellas and the gatherings of friends and families swimming in the sea. For me, nothing feels more like summer than being on a boat in the gorgeous azure water. Click here to bid.

My third piece available “Under the Tuscan Sun” was inspired jointly by my summer abroad studying Italian renaissance art history as a college student and my favorite movie Under the Tuscan Sun, ha! There is nothing quite like the cypress trees of Tuscany and that golden sunset. I wanted the feeling of a warm Italian summer to float off the page. Click here to bid.

My final piece available titled “Paris au Printemps” encapsulates my most most favorite moments and memories of Paris in the Spring and Summer. To me Paris is synonymous with love; love of self, love of travel, and love of a couple different boyfriends over the years, ha! Looking up at the twinkling Eiffel Tower and cascading cherry blossom trees is nothing short of magic. I haven’t been back in a while and painting this left me aching to revisit. Click here to bid.

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