Fashion Illustration Gallery Auction 3

This past April I was so honoured to participate in the Fashion Illustration Gallery Auction titled Meow!. Ever since I started out as a fashion illustrator, I have dreamed of having my works on their site.

At the start of this year I was determined to get back to my craft and focus on my gestural freehand style. Sure enough, just a few months later, I was asked to contribute to my first ever auction with FIG.

The show was inspired by Andy Warhol’s cat lithographs and we were allowed to create whatever we desired in the theme of these fierce felines. I had so much fun taking inspiration from Dior, Manolo Blahnik, and Sergio Rossi for these works.

I’m so thrilled that each piece sold and are now with their new happy owners. Here’s to manifesting your dreams and seeing them come true. Can’t wait to do more shows in the future! Maybe even my own solo exhibition!

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