ELEMIS X ULTA Beauty Influencer Box

Photo by Paige Sovic

Right before I left for London this summer, I was contacted by the incredible UK beauty brand ELEMIS, regarding creating a custom illustration. The artwork was meant to announce their arrival in the US with ULTA Beauty. I couldn’t believe the timing given that I was just about to embark on an adventure to the UK from the US. It felt so serendipitous and was the perfect inspiration for this piece.

The challenge was to showcase the transition from London to NYC in a black & white fashion image since it was going to be printed on an orange box. In the end, we landed on what you can see above. The box got mailed out to a number of really amazing beauty influencers who shared so many images on social. I loved seeing how they showcased the box and all the products inside.

Stay tuned because we have another incredible partnership coming up this Spring!!

Meagan xx

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