Celebrating “The Art of Womanhood” with Anthropologie

I’m SO thrilled to finally share that I’m partnering with Anthropologie this month on the theme of “Art of Womanhood” as part of their ongoing celebration of the #ArtofAnthropologie and their year long partnership with Young Arts (a non-profit devoted to supporting the next generation of talented artists). When I was first approached about this project, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Not only has Anthropologie been at the top of my dream client list since I was an illustration student at FIT, but I was also really impacted by the theme in question: what the “Art of Womanhood” really means to me.

I even went so far as to ask in my InstaStories a little while ago, what womanhood meant to you, and I received hundreds of compelling submissions. What I distilled for myself is that being a woman means being a CREATOR. It means leading a purpose and passion driven life with intention. It also means being fearless, free and empowered; in the driver’s seat of my own destiny. Since TravelWriteDraw was born out of all of the above, I decided to convey the creator creating from her travels in this illustration above and my photo below, featuring Chile’s Rainbow Valley. And now I’d love to ask you all who didn’t get the chance to answer, what does the “Art of Womanhood” mean to you?

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